Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is the process of identifying,preserving, analyzing and presenting digital evidence in a manner that is legally acceptable in any legal proceedings (i.e., a court of law). The methods that digital forensics uses to handle digital evidence are very much grounded in the field's roots in the scientific method of forensic science.

Although cyber crime activity and security breaches continue to rise, business requirements often take precedence over security requirements. This precedence leaves applications, systems and networks vulnerable to intrusion. When a breach occurs, the forensic analyst must locate the point of compromise. The mission criticality of the compromised application,system or network determines the level of investigation.

We could offer the Digital Forensics service in the two types of computer crimes classification. The two types of computer crime investigations are computer-based crime and computer-facilitated crime. In computer-based crime, a computer or computers are used as the vehicle to commit a crime. In computer-facilitated crime, a computer is the target of a crime.

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