Smart Miniature Development

Modelling or Miniature creation is part of the essentials of the business due to its simple nature to show the process or system of your business process or improvement. In PT Ravelware Technology Indonesia, we can offer you our service to develop your very own customized miniature which can be integrated by electronic control or software to make it looks as real as possible from the actual product.

We can make Smart Miniature that can controlable via smartphone, desktop, or tablet. We use customizeable microcontroller module unit so that it could be integrated by sensors or actuators to your needs. 

The example of smart miniature we can make are :

  1. Smart Lighting System miniature in factory
  2. Smart Logistic System miniature in factory
  3. Fleet Parking Management System miniature in factory

More info about Smart Miniature Development, please download file below

Our Clients :